Dubai Circus School

Dubai Circus School challenges and inspires through creativity, physical skills, and empowerment.
We empower youth and adults to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle while building confidence and self-esteem, fostering positive social relationships through cooperation and trust.


Experience the magic of Dubai Circus School, dedicated to serving communities with professional-level circus arts for kids, teens and adults. With aerial silks to ground acrobatics, our expert coaches blend traditional techniques with contemporary methods, igniting creativity and fitness while nurturing mind and soul.

Unleash your potential today!

Aerial Silk

Aerial Silk is an exceptionally beautiful circus art.  It focuses on strength building, balance, memory, coordination and flexibility. Suspended from the ceiling by lengths of soft fabric.

Aerial Hoop 

The Aerial Hoop is a dynamic aerial apparatus that makes use of combined strength, flexibility, and creative movement, while static or spinning.

Aerial Trapeze

Aerial Trapeze is the place to start if you have no experience of circus, but wanted to learn Flying Trapeze from the absolute basics while developing your  fitness and performing acrobatic maneuvers and poses  remaining stationary or performing slow, controlled movements.

Aerial Hammock

Learn tricks and transitions in aerial hammock. Builds flexibility, supports joints, boosts upper body and core strength.


Get ready to bounce with joy! Trampoline is a fun-filled workout for all levels. Enhance posture, balance, and fitness in a lively atmosphere. 

Ground Acrobatics

Ground acrobatics, a blend of fun acrobatic moves, enhances confidence, strength, and coordination while fostering group cooperation, with physical preparation including warm-ups, strength exercises, and flexibility training.